[triangle-zpug] First meeting of the TriZPUG

Tom Bryan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Tue, 8 Oct 2002 01:17:31 +0500

> After the talk, we will all be going out to a local restaurant (still
> being selected on the trizpug mailing list).  

So, do we have a restaurant?  I'll let the rest of you decide where 
we're going.  If not on the list, then at the meeting.

> Everyone should bring a
> (no more than) one page description of current and past work related
> to Python and/or Zope and any suggestions for topics for future
> TriZPUG talks.  

This is similar to what I asked everyone to send to the list.  Something 
brief is fine.  Here's an example:

Why am I interested in Python?
* Python is one of my favorite languages.  It's like Perl, but it 
doesn't make my eyes hurt.  It's like Java without all of the nonsense.  
It's easy for me to remember the core syntax so that I can leave Python 
for a while and still be able to return to it in a few moments.  Python 
also makes it easy for me to package up "throw away" scripts in a way 
that they are actually reusable...for when I find that I need to reuse 
them.  :)  I'm also interested in the use of Python as a teaching 
language (and CP4E).  I'm interested in Zope simply because I want to 
know what all the fuss is about and because it sounds like a fun excuse 
to play with Python.

Former projects:
* Used Python at a former job to batch data runs through a series of 
programs and drive Matlab for post-processing.
* Set up FAQ Wizard for Starship Python.
* Translated Eric Raymond's sitemap script to Python, and he accepted it 
as the authorative version http://tuxedo.org/~esr/sitemap/
* Introduced Jython at work as a means of scripting automated regression 
tests for one of our products.

* Primary organizer of the TriZPUG. ;-)
* Working with EcoAccess.org, helping them to develop the software that 
they want to use for their site.
* Admin for the Starship Python (http://starship.python.net/)

* Zope, especially developing components/Products for it in Python
* Python2.2, what's new, etc.
* docttest and unittest (I could probably give this talk)
* Jython, especially embedding the interpreter for making a scriptable 
Java application and using Jython (compiled to Java bytecodes) to 
script together Java components
* Non-trivial overviews of various standard Python modules and 3rd party 
extensions (mx*, NumPy, Reportlab, etc.)
* Using Python to manipulate KDE parts, Gnome things, and Windows COM 
* GUIs with Python

> Hope to see you there!

I mean it.  I've been ill recently, and I'm not sure whether I'm going 
to make it to the meeting.  I don't often get sick, but you would know 
that I come down with something just before our first meeting.  If I 
don't make it, could someone get a copy of everyone's one page summary 
for me?