[triangle-zpug] Call for suggestions: meeting date and location

Tom Bryan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Wed, 2 Oct 2002 06:40:33 +0500

On Tuesday 01 October 2002 10:38 pm, Charles Fulton wrote:

> I can most likely make it.  Has there been talk of what time or am I
> just not paying attention?  I have a meeting until 5:30 and would
> then need to drive from NCSU so something more evening is good for
> me.

:-O  Darn!  I knew I was forgetting something. 

If it's a Tuesday, I'm going to have to clear most of my evening, and I 
can probably be there as early as 5:30.  Since we're planning on dinner 
and/or snack after the meeting, I don't think that we'll want to start 
too late.  

John, for what times is the room reserved?  

Here's a suggestion:
Geoff starts his presentation at 6:30.  We go out afterward at around 
7:00.  We'd plan to wrap up the "official" evening before 8:00, while 
everyone could of course hang out together until the restaurant closed.
Does that work for everyone?  Would earlier be better?  Later?

I'm not sure whether 6:30 is too late.  I guess I was hoping that people 
would start arriving around 6:15 so that we would all have a chance to 
find the building, say hi, and give Geoff time to set up and resolve 
any technical difficulties.

We also haven't determined a definite restaurant for afterward.  I'm not 
at all familiar with that area, so I'll let all of the other attendees 
discuss/vote/agree on a location.  We could decide on the night of the 
meeting, but it might be nice to have it all settled so that everyone 
knows where we'll be going.