[triangle-zpug] Call for suggestions: meeting date and location

Ian Sparks triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Tue, 1 Oct 2002 09:01:28 -0400

Would definately attend.

- Ian Sparks.

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On Sunday 29 September 2002 03:13 pm, Geoff Davis wrote:
> I'll need a little time toget a decent presentation together.=20
> Tuesdays work, and October 8 would be fine.

Well, since this is the vote that matters the most, we are definitely=20
not meeting today.  As for next week (October 8), it looks like AM=20
Thomas, Geoff, and I can make it, but that would be a rather small=20
crew. =20

I'd appreciate it if everyone on the list would at least indicate =20
whether they would come to the meeting.  Something like +1/definitely,=20
0/maybe, or -1/no.

Repeating the details for those too lazy to look at the parent message=20
in this thread: We plan to meet in a conference room at Veritas off of=20
Meridian Parkway, near the 54/55 intersection.  Geoff will give an=20
overview of Zope, showing what can be done with CMF and Plone.  We'll=20
then migrate to a restaurant nearby where we can socialize.  We'll=20
probably ask everyone to write up a page about their current/past=20
Python experience and projects so that we can share (and I can take=20
notes about whom to ask to present on which topics).


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