[triangle-zpug] Report on November 2002 meeting

Tom Bryan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Sun, 17 Nov 2002 23:04:38 +0500

Our November meeting was somewhat thwarted by the difficult weather.  I 
remember my drive as lots of rain and tail lights.  By the end of the 
presentation, we had John (of course), Anne Marie, Jim, Ian, Sam, and Geoff.  
I think the talk I gave on unit testing was terrific!  ;-)  We chatted for 
almost an hour after the meeting, discussing various aspects of unit testing, 
inculding how to test web application and GUI code.  Since we had a couple of 
new faces, we went around the room and did introductions again.  It was nice 
getting to meet some of you.  I hope to see more at the next meeting.  

As promised, I put the slides on the web.  They start at 
As promised, these slides include extensive speaker's notes.  When I have 
time, I'll attach some sort of open content license to them.  If you need to 
give such a talk, feel free to steal the slides, as long as you give me 
credit for my contribution.  If anyone sees errors or ways to improve the 
slides, please send me e-mail.  If the presentation or slides lead you to a 
testing revelation, please share it with us on the list.

There is a link to the slides from our Wiki page
Note that the Wiki pages are there for everyone to use.  Feel free to add 
pages and such (or complain if you can't).  

Hunter has agreed to give our December talk.  I suggest December 10 (second 
Tuesday in December) for the meeting if that works for Hunter and (our host) 
John.  I know that Anne Marie won't be able to make it on that day, but it 
sounds like her schedule may be difficult to accomodate for the December 
meeting.  Does anyone else have severe scheduling conflicts for that day?