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Hi Tom

I missed the presentation yesterday, got caught in a traffic jam. Would it
be possible for you to post the slides someplace?

About Zope, would love to hear a Zope Guru talk....



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||Nice presentation yesterday.  Thanks again for all your organizing work!
||For those who missed the meeting, it sounds like Tom's question below is a
||particularly interesting one, as he may be able to get us a real
||Zope guru.
||> What other Zopeish topics interest everyone?  Do you want to know about
||> particular Products?  About using Zope just to build sites?  About the
||> Zope internals?  About the ZODB with or without Zope itself?  Imagine
||> that we had a Zope expert who knew a lot about many different aspects
||> and products of Zope.  What would you want to ask?
||I personally would vote for an overview of Zope 3.  Zope Corp has promised
||an alpha by the end of the year
||(http://lists.zope.org/pipermail/zope3-dev/2002-October/003210.html), and
||based on the roadmap
||ewcvs-markup) it looks like the core features will all be present.
||I would very much like to get a sense of what development in Zope3 will be
||like (they have been claiming some pretty big
||improvements/changes) and what
||the new services will be (again, big improvements/changes are promised).
||The internal development of Z3 has involved a lot of changes that
||bode well -- mechanisms for clearly specifying (and enforcing?)
||tons of unit tests, and screening with pychecker.  Plus they are rewriting
||everything from scratch and not worrying much about Z2
||compatibility so they
||don't have legacy support issues to worry about.  For all of you who find
||acquisition repugnant, my understanding is that in Z3 it will be available
||if you ask for it, but will not act implicitly.  If we can get a suitable
||guru to give us the scoop, I'd be all for it.
||Geoff Davis
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