[triangle-zpug] Zope topics

Geoff Davis triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Wed, 13 Nov 2002 10:11:36 -0500


Nice presentation yesterday.  Thanks again for all your organizing work!

For those who missed the meeting, it sounds like Tom's question below is a
particularly interesting one, as he may be able to get us a real Zope guru.

> What other Zopeish topics interest everyone?  Do you want to know about
> particular Products?  About using Zope just to build sites?  About the
> Zope internals?  About the ZODB with or without Zope itself?  Imagine
> that we had a Zope expert who knew a lot about many different aspects
> and products of Zope.  What would you want to ask?

I personally would vote for an overview of Zope 3.  Zope Corp has promised
an alpha by the end of the year
(http://lists.zope.org/pipermail/zope3-dev/2002-October/003210.html), and
based on the roadmap
ewcvs-markup) it looks like the core features will all be present.

I would very much like to get a sense of what development in Zope3 will be
like (they have been claiming some pretty big improvements/changes) and what
the new services will be (again, big improvements/changes are promised).
The internal development of Z3 has involved a lot of changes that certainly
bode well -- mechanisms for clearly specifying (and enforcing?) interfaces,
tons of unit tests, and screening with pychecker.  Plus they are rewriting
everything from scratch and not worrying much about Z2 compatibility so they
don't have legacy support issues to worry about.  For all of you who find
acquisition repugnant, my understanding is that in Z3 it will be available
if you ask for it, but will not act implicitly.  If we can get a suitable
guru to give us the scoop, I'd be all for it.

Geoff Davis