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Hunter Matthews triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
04 Nov 2002 10:50:23 -0500

On Sat, 2002-11-02 at 11:10, Tom Bryan wrote:
> Thanks for all of the responses on the request for speakers.  Here's 
> what we've currently got
> Python topics
> =============
> Unit testing (Tom Bryan)
> Large Scale Python Apps (Hunter Matthews) 

On thinking about this, "Large Scale Python Apps" may not be the best
topic for me to present on. I looked at what I've done, and what are
normally considered "Large Scale", and have decided I haven't done any
that qualify. :)

What I meant by "large scale" was multiple programs, a mod_python bit,
being concerned with databases, etc etc, all in the same "project".

Whats normally meant by large scale is "Disney's film management system,
which is 4.3x10^4000 lines of code. :)

> Mailman (Jon Carnes) 
> ReportLab/PDF (Ian Sparks) 
> Zope topics
> ===========
> Zope APIs, source, or XML-RPC (Jim Allman)
> I have at least two other speakers who could probably do some sort of 
> Zope topic, but I don't have that much Zope experience.  
> What other Zopeish topics interest everyone?  Do you want to know about 
> particular Products?  About using Zope just to build sites?  About the 
> Zope internals?  About the ZODB with or without Zope itself?  Imagine 
> that we had a Zope expert who knew a lot about many different aspects 
> and products of Zope.  What would you want to ask?
> If someone suggests something that you like, please post a follow up (at 
> least a "+1; me, too" kind of response).  I'll use the responses to 
> this thread to judge where the interest is, and I'll try to recruit 
> speakers for the most popular topics.
> Thanks,
> ---Tom
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