[triangle-zpug] Looking for a speaker for next meeting (Nov 12)

Tom Bryan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Sat, 2 Nov 2002 20:40:54 +0500

On Sunday 27 October 2002 08:44 pm, A M Thomas wrote:

> I can come to a Nov. 12 meeting and plan to be there.  If the plan is
> to have meetings on the second Tuesday of every month, can we go
> ahead and schedule these now for several months out?  Maybe through
> June?

Well, I had planned to keep it on the second Tuesday through the end of 
this year.  Really, every week night but Friday is currently good for 
me.  Unless someone on this list really has a problem with second 
Tuesday of the month, we can keep that.  Otherwise, suggest another 
day, and we'll see what the list thinks. :)

> The second Tuesdays through June, 2003, seem to be:
>   Nov. 12

The talk will be me, unit testing.

>   Dec. 10 (I will have to miss this one)

I'm planning a meeting, but I'm not sure who will be speaking yet.

>   Jan. 14
>   Feb. 11
>   Mar. 11 (I will have to miss this one)
>   Apr. 8
>   May  13
>   Jun. 10

Those all look good to me.  So, group, any objects to scheduling 
meetings for those days?  

I have one speaker who hasn't yet committed to a particular month (early 
next year).  I *might* have to shift the meeting night to work around 
that speaker's schedule...I should know within a month or so.

> In case others have conflicts with the December or March and people
> are interested in rescheduling them (I'm not counting on this), I'll
> mention that I could possibly make later dates in both months - after
> Dec. 14 and after Mar. 17.

Since we haven't really scheduled the meetings yet, that would be fine 
with me.  You just have to convince everyone else. :)

> I would certainly be willing to do a presentation/facilitation, but
> it will have to be in April or June (possibly May 

I'll pencil you in. 

> *** Several people indicated they were interested in learning about
> compiled Python - including me.  Can anyone give a presentation on
> that in November?

No offers for this topic yet.  I think that we currently have no 
experience in the group with compiled Python.  If someone wants to 
volunteer to research it and prepare a presentation, I think that it 
would make a great talk.