[triangle-zpug] Fwd: [Zope-Annce] Seeking Expressions of Support

Tom Bryan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 23:30:42 +0500

So, is anyone else thinking about attending the DC PyCon this March?
I submitted a paper proposal about Jython in Java development shops.  I may 
make some attempt to spruce it up and resubmit it since I didn't realize the 
PyCon was happening until the day before the original submission deadline. :)  
Did anyone else submit anything?


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Subject: [Zope-Annce] Seeking Expressions of Support

This is my last word on this subject until after Christmas. It's also about
as close as I'll ever get to spamming -- apologies to those of you who
receive multiple copies of this mail. Please send it on to any individual or
list with an interest in Python and related topics.

For PyCon DC 2003 to be a success it needs people to get involved. Then
Python will finally have low-cost  conferences. So take a look at the
following link, then don't mail me -- visit the Python Wiki PyCon page and
express your support (or not, as the case may be):


Happy holidays
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