[triangle-zpug] December TriZPUG meeting cancelled

Tom Bryan triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Sun, 8 Dec 2002 12:07:07 +0000

On Sunday 08 December 2002 12:36 am, Patrick Williams wrote:
> With all the storm related troubles and preparations for Christmas and
> school presentations... How about skipping December... move right on to a
> Jan. meeting?

I was thinking the same thing, and given the resounding silence on the list, I 
suspect that we have a lot of members without power or too busy cleaning up, 
helping neighbors, or fleeing to Florida to worry about TriZPUG this month.  

I'm cancelling our December TriZPUG.  Or rather, an ice storm has cancelled 
our December meeting.  I'm just passing on the message. ;-)

We'll start meeting again in January.  If Hunter is still available for that 
meeting, we'll ask him to give the same talk then.  I need to finish cleaning 
up my yard now, but I'll be sending out e-mail in a week or two in an attempt 
to organize a January meeting.

> > I'm sleeping in my office by night and running a chainsaw by day. 

Good luck, Hunter...and to everyone else still recovering from the storm.  I 
hope you have power again soon, and be careful while cleaning up.