[triangle-zpug] What do *you* want from the TriZPUG?

A M Thomas triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Wed, 14 Aug 2002 20:15:31 -0400

I'd definitely be interested in learning about CMF/Plone; I installed
and tried them briefly, but decided to focus on other parts of Zope for
a while.  I confess to not really having a handle on how CMF really
works.  I'd love to hear some evangelism on this subject, Geoff.

BTW, in case anyone's taking a survey, I'm in Chapel Hill, but I
wouldn't mind going to Raleigh.

- AM

Geoff Davis wrote:
> Hi all--
> Since I'm the person who started the ball rolling on this group (with Tom),
> I guess I should speak up.
> I have started working on several content management projects using Zope.  I
> have been using Python for a couple of years, but I am relatively new to
> Zope.  Python is the thing I like most about Zope; the relative dearth of
> documentation is what I like least.  While I have found a few books of
> varying quality, one of my best sources of information to date has been the
> various developer mailing lists and Zope-related IRC channels.  It would be
> great to have some local people to share ideas with, ask questions of, and
> potentially work with down the road.
> Second, I am working on several projects using Zope and, like Anne Marie,
> would like to get to know some backup people to whom I can refer my clients
> when I am unavailable.  All my projects will be using the Zope Content
> Management Framework (and Plone on top of that), so I want to get a sense of
> who else is using CMF/Plone, and I want to do some Plone evangelism for
> folks who aren't using it.
> Finally, if things go well down the road I may need some extra hands for
> projects, so I'd like to see who all is around and working on Zope-related
> things.
> My schedule is pretty flexible; Mondays-Thursdays are best.  A restaurant
> meeting would be fine.  Alternatively, we could try to get ahold of a
> conference room somewhere and I could give a talk on the Zope Content
> Management Framework.
> I look forward to meeting you all.
> Geoff Davis
> geoff@geoffdavis.net
> http://www.geoffdavis.net
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> Subject: [triangle-zpug] What do *you* want from the TriZPUG?
> > It looks like I'm going to have to pester about half of the people I
> > initially e-mailed about this list.  Several of them have not joined
> > the list, and I'd like their input when determining a good meeting
> > time/location for our first meeting.
> >
> > In the meantime, I was wondering what others were doing, what you would
> > be willing/able to talk about, and what you're interested in.  I see
> > that we have a few who seem to be primarily interested in Zope (from a
> > PHP or Content Management System angle) and others who are primarily
> > interested in Python (from a scripting/rapid application development
> > angle).
> >
> > My current Python activity involves
> >
> > Jython
> > at work to drive an automated regression test
> > Zope/Python/PostgreSQL
> > implementing EcoAccess.org a Triangle-based non-profit
> > Python
> > my language of choice when I need a quick hack :-)
> >
> > With very little work, I could be ready to give a talk on unittest and
> > doctest and why you should use them.  I could also give a talk on
> > Jython and Java.  For those who do little with XML, I could probably
> > put together an intro talk about XML and using Python to process it.
> > I've also used Python's "dist" support for automating the process of
> > bundling code in RPMs and other distribution formats if anyone is
> > interested in that process.
> >
> > I'd like to hear a lot more about Zope.  I want to know what's new since
> > Python 1.5.2 since I don't think that I've really been using any of the
> > features (other than new standard libraries) added since then.  I'd
> > like to know how to use some standard Python utilities, such as
> > PyChecker.  I would also love to see some discussion of some of the
> > Python libraries that I don't normally use, such as threading.
> >
> > ---Tom
> >
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