[triangle-zpug] What do *you* want from the TriZPUG?

A M Thomas triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Tue, 13 Aug 2002 16:41:23 -0400

I, too, am Zope-centric, but I do like Python.  I'm one of those people
who came to Python through Zope, and while I find myself trying to work
'within' Zope (i.e., trying to avoid reading the source code when
possible), I've been using a lot of Python script objects.  I remember
just feeling, well, good after writing my first Python scriptlet - it's
so much more elegant, in a way, than Perl.  But I'm not a pure
Python-head by any means.

I'm really interested in seeing if there are other Zope resources in
this area - one of the things I think my clients will want to know when
I introduce the idea of using Zope for their web sites is "What happens
if you're not available", so I'd like to say, "there's a list of 10
excellent people at X web site who would be able to do what I do in case
of an emergency".  More than that, though, I too would like a place to
ask questions, and am interested in making presentations to support such
a group, once I feel that I'm more up to speed.  I feel like a bit of a
dilettante hacker at the moment.

I'm also interested in peripheral issues to Zope - who's getting Zope
hosting where (if others are doing non-enterprise-type sites), hearing
about products people use, etc.  Did I hear something about a
presentation on Zope's CMF? -- that would be good for me.

I'm an independent web developer who started using Zope (and Python) in
April.  Before that, I mainly worked in Perl (and still do Perl,
obviously, since I've got existing work to support).  I also do some
graphical design work, and have pretensions to information architecture
design, although most of my clients are tiny businesses or nonprofits
who turn pale when I say things like 'information architecture' because
it sounds too expensive.

- A M Thomas