[triangle-zpug] What do *you* want from the TriZPUG?

Jon Carnes triangle-zpug@starship.python.net
Sat, 10 Aug 2002 10:20:13 -0400

I learned Python while modifying the source code for Mailman.  Since then 
I've been playin with it for fun (and not profit).  

I'm not so much interested in formal meetings - though I think it would be 
cool to meet everybody.   Also, I'm looking forward to learning a lot from 
some of you vetern Pythonieers.

A group Lunch or Dinner sounds great to me.

Jon Carnes

On Friday 09 August 2002 02:15 pm, Tom Bryan wrote:
> It looks like I'm going to have to pester about half of the people I
> initially e-mailed about this list.  Several of them have not joined
> the list, and I'd like their input when determining a good meeting
> time/location for our first meeting.
> In the meantime, I was wondering what others were doing, what you would
> be willing/able to talk about, and what you're interested in.  I see
> that we have a few who seem to be primarily interested in Zope (from a
> PHP or Content Management System angle) and others who are primarily
> interested in Python (from a scripting/rapid application development
> angle).
> My current Python activity involves
> Jython
> 	at work to drive an automated regression test
> Zope/Python/PostgreSQL
> 	implementing EcoAccess.org a Triangle-based non-profit
> Python
> 	my language of choice when I need a quick hack :-)
> With very little work, I could be ready to give a talk on unittest and
> doctest and why you should use them.  I could also give a talk on
> Jython and Java.  For those who do little with XML, I could probably
> put together an intro talk about XML and using Python to process it.
> I've also used Python's "dist" support for automating the process of
> bundling code in RPMs and other distribution formats if anyone is
> interested in that process.
> I'd like to hear a lot more about Zope.  I want to know what's new since
> Python 1.5.2 since I don't think that I've really been using any of the
> features (other than new standard libraries) added since then.  I'd
> like to know how to use some standard Python utilities, such as
> PyChecker.  I would also love to see some discussion of some of the
> Python libraries that I don't normally use, such as threading.
> ---Tom
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