[Python-Leipzig] Free Django Workshop 5th of May at SpinLab

Markus Zapke-Gründemann markus at keimlink.de
Mi Apr 15 11:22:34 UTC 2015

I'll give another Django workshop organized together with the SpinLab:

5th of May, 2015 – 10:30 am to 4:00 pm at the SpinLab

A maximum of 12 people can attend so please register for the event:


### About the Django workshop

With every step of the tutorial you will learn Django's basic principles
by creating a bookmark application similar to Delicious or Pinboard.
This is why the tutorial is named django-marcador: marcador means
bookmark in Spanish. If you have basic knowledge in the following areas
it will be a lot easier to follow the tutorial:

- Object-oriented programming (using Python)

- HTTP Request/Response model

- HTML and CSS

- SQL and relational databases

A lot of people have made their first steps with Django using the
django-marcador tutorial - you can be the next!

### About Markus

Markus Zapke Gründemann looks back on over 14 years of experience in
software development and works for more than seven years as
self-employed software developer, consultant and trainer. His primary
focus is on developing web applications with Django. He attaches
particular importance to testing and documentation, is an avid user of
automation technologies and a regular contributor to Open Source
projects. He is the owner of transcode (http://www.transcode.de/), a
company offering Python, Django and Ember.js software development as
well as professional Django training. Furthermore he is a board member
of the German Django Association (http://www.django-de.org/), actively
supporting Django Girls (http://djangogirls.org/) and one of the leads
of the Open Knowledge Lab Leipzig (http://codefor.de/leipzig/).

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