[Python-de] Python & USB

Marco Bartel Marco.Bartel at iee.lu
Mon Apr 5 13:19:45 CEST 2004

Hi Folks,

i just started to adapt some I2C routines from Flagship to Python.
I allready succeded in porting the low-level-routines accessing the 
parallel port. But now i also changed the electronics, so that my 
i2c-bus is connected to the usb-port of my machine. What i'am looking 
for now, is a way to access the usb-subsystem from python. i know there 
is a library called libusb for c , wich deals with the 
usb-kernel-modules, but unfortunatly i didn't found a wrapper around 
this library, wich allows me to do the same from within python. I just 
was thinking about to do the wrapper myself using SWIG, but i also still 
hope, that there is someone outside, who played allready with usb and 
python arround.

great thanks in advance for some tips and hints