[Python-de] a request for assistance from open source developers

Andrew Waterman andrew.waterman at stanford.edu
Thu Apr 17 18:53:52 EDT 2003

I am a researcher at Stanford University's Institute for Economic Policy
Research, and we are conducting an online survey of open source/free
software developers, called the Free/Libre/Open Open Source Software Survey
for 2003 (http://www.stanford.edu/group/floss-us/).  This survey has been
designed to complement the FLOSS survey for 2002 of open source/free
software developer communities, which was sponsored by the European

We have collected almost 1000 responses from open source software developers
in many countries around the world, but we have had only 30 responses from
developers living in Germany, Switzerland, or Austria.  I am sure this is a
signficant under-representation of the free and open source communities

If you are a developer of free/open source software and can spare the time,
we would greatly appreciate if you could fill out our our online
questionnaire at http://www.stanford.edu/group/floss-us.  We know that there
are many surveys being sent to open source developers.  But we hope our
survey is worth taking, because the size and diversity of our survey sample
will allow well-founded conclusions to be drawn about the free and open
source software movements.

Thanks very much!

Andrew Waterman

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