[Python-de] Re: [Webware-discuss] WebKit at WWW

Manfred Nowak mn at mncom.de
Mon May 28 21:45:07 EDT 2001

Mike Orr wrote:

> On Mon, May 28, 2001 at 03:34:43PM +0200, Manfred Nowak wrote:
> > i try to work with WebKit on my own Homepage.
> > How do i start AppServer on the Server of my ISP
> > or can i run WebKit only on Intranets ??
> You'd need to find an ISP that will allow you to install and run
> WebKit from your home directory, and is willing to make any
> necessary modifications to their webserver configuration file.
> There are not many ISPs at present willing to do this.

What are these modifications?
   sorry, I'm a WebNewbie :-(

I have copied CGIWrapper , WebKit ,WebUtils and MiscUtils to my ISP.
CGIWrapper Examples works fine !

The only problem is to start the AppServer for WebKit.
Can i do that from within WebKit.cgi or  must my ISP start this?

am I the only one who want to use Webware  over an ISP ?


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