[Python-de] [English] Personal request for someone in Dortmund, Germany

Barry A. Warsaw bwarsaw at cnri.reston.va.us
Tue May 4 16:43:32 EDT 1999

My apologies for both the English content of this message, and the
personal request contained in here.  I only know one German phrase and
I think it's a little off-color, so I'll spare us both the
embarrassment :-)

I have a cousin who lives near Universität Dortmund and I'd like to
keep in touch with him via email.  Unfortunately, he can't afford a
computer or even an email account, but lives within biking distance of
the university.  He's a really cool guy, studying herbal medicine and
playing congas in local bands, etc.  I'm wondering if anybody would
have the ability to set up an email account for him, and maybe have a
terminal he could sit at and read email on once in a while?  I know
it's a big request, but we would both be really appreciative!

Please contact me directly if you can help.  Sorry for the English


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