Pre-Announce: New *Starship* Sites

Christian Tismer tismer at
Thu Jun 5 15:25:27 EDT 1997

Status: RO

Dear Python Community

Although it is a bit early to talk about it, I couldn't resist to
announce the following:

There will be more starship sites in the world RSN. It will be the same
concept as the Mothership's. Most probably the next ship will be located
right here in Berlin, since I've found a sponsor.

Actually *you* found the sponsor, dear crew, since you made an
outstanding PythonPowered site in less than two weeks. 
It is very pretty, very useful, being it's own advertisement. 

I envision there will be more companies who will give us free space
shuttles if we continue to support them with some free Python software.
Let us fight to make Python into *the* standard internet language.

Citing a nice guy from IBM who sent his gratulations to the crew:

     "Keep up the good work!"

live long and prosper  - pirx
Christian Tismer             :^)   <mailto:tismer at>
Applied Biometrics GmbH      :     Have a break! Take a ride on Python's
Carmerstr. 2, 10623 Berlin   :    *Starship*
     we're tired of banana software - shipped green, ripens at home

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