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Konrad Hinsen hinsen at ibs.ibs.fr
Mon May 19 20:43:14 EDT 1997

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> Also fange ich in Deutsch an. Gibt es unter Euch 111 Pythonauten
> jemanden,
> der diesen Text sinngemäß ins Englische übertragen kann und dabei voll
> ins Schwarze trifft? Der beste Text wird dann an Ken Manheimer geschickt
> und dann Python-weit veröffentlicht. Es muß beim ersten Schuß treffen.

Hier mein Versuch:

                    The   S T A R S H I P   Project

Starship is a new machine on the internet, fully dedicated to Python.
It is intended to be an extension to python.org and let us do everything
that we can't do with python.org.

Starship is meant to be something very special: a community effort
of all Python users. It's aim is to promote the language and show
all Python applications that can run on a Linux box hooked up to the
internet. It wants to boost not only the language, but also the PSA.
And it should become an attractive demonstration piece on the Internet
to be visited by many.

A little FAQ:

What does it cost?

Nothing at all, just like Python. The only catch is that we
will accept only PSA members. For me it costs a lot of effort,
of which I hope to pass on a bit.

Who can participats?

In principle any PSA member. After long consideration we have
chosen PSA membership as a criterium for eligibility. Someone
who can convince himself to join the PSA (and pay the small
membership fee) is probably the kind of person we want.

Is Starship related to CNRI?

Not at all. Starship is independent, my idea and my machine.
We are in no way related to CNRI and are therefore not subject
to their rules. The relation is one-directional: we just happen
to admit only PSA members.

What do I gain?

You get a user account on Starship, your own directories, whatever
you want. You can create your own Web pages, show your programs,
and use others' programs directly.  You decide what you want
to make public and what not.

How big is the effort?

You decide for yourself. Since you are a PSA member, you are
certainly willing to help others when they have problems.
Starship is our common project, and everyone will contribute
according to his abilities. I might sometimes ask for help
with installation problems, and someone will certainly be
willing to help.

What does Guido say?

Guido, Ken, Aaron, Tim, Marc PyWin, to name but a few, are
enthusiastic about the idea and support it. Ken is especially looking
forward to new PSA members. Guido won't have time to participate;
he'll say hello from time to time but let us go on otherwise.

Why do you do it?

There are many reasons. Most of all I want to do something for Python.
I believe that it can help us to construct an attractive site that
will offer perhaps some interactive services to visitors, be in
constant flux, and always try the latest and greatest before it goes
to python.org. And I would like encourage the Python community to
better collaboration and more direct communication. No downloading, no
installation problems, everything is just there, installed by the
author, ready for testing. I have made it my task to enable real
software engineering on Starship.

[Anm. des Uebersetzers: den letzten Satz verstehe ich nicht so ganz...]

End of FAQ.

Starhips's Organization   ["Modell" halte ich auch im Deutsch fuer seltsam.]

I may have chosen a "starship" for fun, but it's my idea to organise
it in a similar way. How far this will be carried graphically is
up to you.

There's the bridge, where finished stuff will be shown for demonstration.
The crew has its cabins (home directories), where they can do as they
please. Everyone can install himself as he sees fit.
There will be a central library for mature and tested software that
is accessible to all. [Anm. des Uebersetzers: ausgereifte Software?
Gibt es sowas?]  In addition everyone can make some of his own
domains accessible to others, for testing new modules, or for special
projects. Projects are the "missions" of the starship. Anyone can
initiate a project, and there are no restrictions. You can even
make money with a project which is shared among the participants.

The name "starship" is not accidental: it is also meant to be
a bit of a "ship of stars". So come on and get on board, you'll
become stars in no time at all...


Soweit ein erster Uebersetzungsversuch. Es gibt sicher einiges zu
verbessern; hier und da ist der Stil etwas formeller als im Original.
Normalerweise schreibe ich nur wissenschaftliche Publikationen
auf Englisch...
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