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Hi Christian,

>Sjoerd meinte eben, es gäbe irgendwo Listen von Mailinglisten.
>Wenn mir das jemand erleichtern könnte, wär' ich dankbar.

in der newsgroup news.answers wird immer eine Liste von oeffentichen
Mailing-Listen verteilt. Hier mal ein kleiner Auschnitt davon (inklusive
einem Beispiel-Eintrag):

Archive-name: mail/mailing-lists/part01
Previous-maintainer: spaf at (Gene Spafford)
Last-change: 19 February 1997 by arielle at (Stephanie da Silva)

[This is the first of twenty articles on mailing lists.]

Quick Summary of Changes

  Added since last list:
    alt-photo-process        ANTIQBOOK                B5-REVIEW-L
    bahrain                  bibletalks-list          Bikenews
    BlindNws                 Blue Eyed Pop            BOATANCHORS
    books-l                  CHASQUI                  choices-l
    Chronopia                Crystal Skull            Dan Fogelberg
    dev-habitat              Discovery                DISCUSS-TBI
    EDUFAX                   EEUROPE-CHANGES          EEUROPE-NEWS
    First Amendment Update   Fordnatics               HomeBankers
    Homeless Activist        iafss                    Intel Daily
    Internet Advertising     KD & MF                  KlinicNews
    La Femme Nikita          Macs4realestate          Many Paths Interactive
    Michael Bolton           Movie Review             multimedia
    nachrichten              NedBoek                  New England Hearth/Home
    OKT                      OLDCTH-L                 OrganicDr's Garden
    Pc4realestate            pens-l                   QBasic
    Re-Agents                RSDNET-L                 SCHOOLS
    SHS                      taiko_l                  Talk-Beauty
    Texas Birding Company    VOLKSTAAT                Warzone
    Waste                    YOUTH

  Deleted since last list:
    2020world                2150                     4AD-L
    ACTIV-L                  allman                   Alt. Photo Processes
    ANews-L                  argentina                Ascendancy
    atavachron               att-pc+                  B-GREEK
    B-HEBREW                 babylon 5                Babylon 5 Reviews
    bblisa-announce          Beastielist*             BIBLE
    Blind News Digest        BOATANCHORS-LIST         Bobs
    Bodyguard-l              bolton                   BONG
    BRTHPRNT                 bx-talk                  cablemodem
    cabot                    cbr                      CBR-MED
    Child_Youth_Care-L       coins                    Command Decision
    comp-fortran-90          crossgcc                 ctf-discuss
    dark-shadows             delphi-announce          deryni-l
    Dice C                   DPM                      DRUGS AND NARCOTICS
    DVI-List                 econ-soc-devt            educationwg
    Eerie, Indiana           Elitism                  F13
    First Amendment Teach-In fogelberg                forte-users
    General Programming      Goodbooks Online         HAND
    HRD-L                    HRIS-L                   IFC
    info-adopt               info-ei                  info-lasersc
    info-lasertrans          info-opcom               info-optomech
    info-robo                info-tandem              ISG-L
    JAVA-WIN                 LOTTO-TEXAS              MeanBiz.HispanoNet
    mse598                   NativeNet                neuron
    Old Ways                 pal-announce             pc-daw
    pdg                      resumix-admin            reusewg
    SCUG-List                SPCA                     Stay Home Parents
    Stone Roses              Swap Meet                TBI-SURV

  Changed since last list:
    3d                       A.Word.A.Day             ABC
    acid-jazz                ada-belgium              ada-belgium-info
    ADA-Law                  af                       ai-nat
    Aikido-L                 alpha-osf-managers       Alternative Energy
    altmed-res               Amazons International    AMSAT-BB
    Animators                APANET                   arrl-exam-list
    arrl-nediv-list          AUGLBC-L                 Austrian People's Party
    autism                   ba-poker-list            bagpipe
    bahai-faith              BALLROOM                 barc-list
    barc-races               BAVP                     bblisa
    Bedrock Online           BiFem-L                  Biomch-L
    BIOSPH-L                 Bisexu-L                 BITHRY-L
    BLAGUES-L                Bonsai                   bpr-l
    Brit-Iron                british-cars             BRUNONIA
    BTHS-ENews-L             BUFFETT                  C4I-Pro
    cacti_etc                campervan-etc            CANSCF
    CAPSNET                  Catholic                 cell-relay
    Chaosium Digest          chorus                   clarissa
    combat                   CP                       crossfire
    Dallas Cowboys           datsun-roadsters         DCRaves
    DDTs-users               decstation-managers      diabetic
    domestic partners        Down-Syn                 DR-660
    Drake-R8                 Drumcorps Digest         EEUROPE-BUSINESS
    EMPLOY                   Etchells-L               f-costume
    fegmaniax                Festival Astrology       Fire-Alarm
    Fire-List                footbag                  Freematt's Alerts
    Gender                   Gibraltar                Homeopathy Remedies
    iams                     Info-LabVIEW             info-mime
    info-solbourne           info-stratus             ISG
    kephas-l                 KLF                      LIBFEM
    LIBFUT                   LISA                     Minicon-L
    model-horse              Modesty Blaise           Mr. Media
    NativeLit-L              N.I.L.8                  Prisoner's Dilemma
    PSHEUG-L                 Railnet Railfan          ROOTS-L
    Sewing List              Smiling Phases           SOLUTION
    spam-list                squeezebox               Steve Taylor
    Subliminals              Temp-Biz                 Tranmere Rovers
    Video Girl Ai            Visual_dBASE             vr5

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    Purpose: An open moderated academic forum to discuss the folklore,
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Damit wuerde man dann weltweit Interessenten erreichen. Ich bin zwar der
Meinung, es wuerde ausreichen, sich auf Ressourcen im deutschsprachigen
Raum zu beschraenken, aber schaden kann ein Eintrag dort sicher kaum.


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