[Python-au] Python Adelaide is happening! Next week, Wed 26 April, 6:30pm, CBD

Adam Brenecki adam at brenecki.id.au
Wed Apr 19 10:04:46 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago, my colleague Matt and I sent a few emails around to this
and a few other lists, gathering interest in a Python User Group in
Adelade. As a result, it's now happening!

When and Where:  The 4th Wednesday of every month, starting the 26th of
April, opening at 6.30pm with talks starting at 7pm. We'll be meeting in
the CBD, at the Victoria Square campus of Flinders University, located on
the corner of Victoria Square and Flinders Street.

Format: We're starting with presentations—to get the ball rolling, this
month Matt Magin will speak on Django Channels, and Romana Challans on NLTK.
If people are interested we could organise some pizzas, and afterwards
there's the opportunity to move to a nearby bar for some social drinks if
desired. We've heard a fair bit of interest in both participating in and
organising other activities as well, which we hope to do once we're up and

Presenters: If you have something you'd like to share with us next month,
please let us know! It could be a 5-minute lightning talk, a full 25-minute
presentation or something in between, on any topic of interest to people
that use Python.

Online: We've set up a few online spaces; we'll be using these for
announcements so make sure you join!

   - There's basic info on http://pythonadelai.de/, as well as a
   WebCalendar feed at webcal://pythonadelai.de/static/calendar.ics.
   - Get details and RSVP to meetups on
   - Chat on Discord which you can join here: https://discord.gg/7tmNvCE
   (If you've never used it, Discord is like Slack, but a bit better suited
   for public communities.)
   - Mailing list at python-adelaide at python.org which you can subscribe to
   here: https://mail.python.org/mm3/mailman3/lists/python-adelaide.python.org/

   - Announcements on Twitter at https://twitter.com/pythonadelaide

Access and Inclusion: We want to make Python Adelaide as accessible to
everyone as we can! The building is wheelchair-accessible and close to
public transport. We don't yet have a solution for childcare but it's
something we want to address in the future. If lack of access to childcare
is preventing you from attending, or you can think of other ways we can
make Python Adelaide more accessible, we'd love to hear from you: chat to
us in #planning on Discord or shoot us an email.

Conduct: We have a Code of Conduct, adapted from and identical in spirit to
the one used at PyCon AU and Linux.conf.au since 2011, which will apply at
the meetup and to our online spaces:

If you have any feedback, either now or after the 26th, please don't
hesitate to let myself or Matt know!

See you next week,

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