[Python-au] PyConAU 2016 sells out

Brianna Laugher brianna.laugher at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 00:02:43 UTC 2016

We are thrilled to announce that *PyCon Australia 2016 has SOLD OUT!*

Not in the bad way, of course -- we still have our principles, that
beautiful is better than ugly, and explicit is better than implicit, and the
rest <https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0020/>. Just in the way that 500
of our best Pythonista mates will be joining us in Melbourne in a mere two
weeks for a huge PyConAU #7!

For would-be attendees who left it a little too late, you can email us
<contact at pycon-au.org> with the subject line *"waiting list"* and we will
put you in the queue in case there are cancellations. However, this is not
a promising queue. Another option is to purchase a miniconf-only ticket
<https://2016.pycon-au.org/register/prices> that lets you attend on Friday
<https://2016.pycon-au.org/programme/schedule/friday?_code=301> only. If
that interests you, email us <contact at pycon-au.org> with the subject
line *"miniconf-only
ticket"*. There is a limited number of these tickets available too so don't
hesitate any longer.
For attendees who did register and pay in time, if you forgot to buy a dinner
ticket <https://2016.pycon-au.org/media/news/47>, you can still purchase
one before 6 August. Or, if you want to upgrade your ticket to become a
Contributor✨ <https://2016.pycon-au.org/sponsors/contributor>, we would be
thrilled to hear from you. Email away! <contact at pycon-au.org>

Finally, if you are a company feeling a little left out of all this
Pythontastic fabulousness, never fear - it is not too late to become a
sponsor <https://2016.pycon-au.org/sponsors/sponsors> and we would love to hear
from you <contact at pycon-au.org>!
=== About PyCon Australia ===

PyCon Australia is the national conference for the Python programming
community. The seventh PyCon Australia will be held on August 12-16 2016 in
Melbourne, bringing together professional, student and enthusiast
developers with a love for programming in Python. PyCon Australia informs
the country’s developers with presentations by experts and core developers
of Python, as well as the libraries and frameworks that they rely on.

To find out more about PyCon Australia 2016, visit our website at
http://pycon-au.org, follow us at @pyconau or e-mail us at
contact at pycon-au.org.

PyCon Australia is presented by Linux Australia (www.linux.org.au) and
acknowledges the support of our Platinum Sponsors, DevDemand.co and IRESS;
and our Gold sponsors, Google Australia, Optiver and Hewlett Packard
Enterprise. For full details of our sponsors, see our website.

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