[Python-au] Financial assistance for PyCon Australia 2015 now available!

Christopher Neugebauer chrisjrn at gmail.com
Sun May 31 22:32:23 UTC 2015

PyCon Australia 2015's financial assistance programme has opened!
Financial assistance is the cornerstone of the conference's outreach
programme -- the programme helps us to fund registration, travel, and
accommodation expenses for deserving applicants. In doing so, we're
helping to put PyCon Australia within reach of everyone who wants to

If you'd enjoy PyCon Australia, or the Australian Python community
would benefit from you coming to the conference, we'd love you to come
along. You can find out more about the specifics of the programme on
our site at http://2015.pycon-au.org/grants

PyCon Australia strongly encourages people to apply for financial
assistance -- even if we can’t cover all of your expenses, we will
give you free admission based on need. The application process is
simple, and straight­for­ward. It’s also very liberal -- the only
caveat is that speakers at the conference "get bumped to the top" of
the applications so that we don’t lose a good talk because of
financial need. We also don’t ban anyone from applying.

Anyone interested in attending PyCon Australia is eligible to apply
for financial assistance. Grants are allocated on the basis of need,
and applications will be assessed by our financial assistance panel.
In short, anyone whose attendance at PyCon Australia will help improve
the Python community in Australia, or around the world, is invited to

To apply for financial assistance, fill out our application form,
which you can find at http://2015.pycon-au.org/grants. The first round
of applications will be considered after Friday 12 June 2015; the
second round of applications will be considered after Friday 26 June,

--Christopher Neugebauer

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