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Nick Coghlan ncoghlan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 10:39:35 UTC 2015

For folks that were at LCA 2015 and liked the Python promotional
brochures I was distributing, or folks that weren't and are curious as
to what I'm talking about, see below for details on a great piece of
promotional material that can help reassure uncertain decision makers
of Python's power and popularity.

For those that haven't seen it themselves, this recent post on the
Foundation's blog provides an overview of the brochure project and its




                *** PSF Python Brochure "sold out" ***

            Please help us kick start the second print run !


You can also read this posting online at:

First print run distributed to the community

We are happy to announce that we have successfully distributed the
first 5,000 copies of the PSF Python Brochure to Python conferences
and user groups around the world:

     PSF Python Brochure Vol. 1

Even without doing any major announcement of the possibility to order
the brochure for conferences and user groups, we easily received
enough requests to have the first print run completely distributed in
just a few months.

Brochures were sent to PyCon US 2014 in Montreal, EuroPython 2014,
PyCons and open source conferences in India, UK, South Africa,
Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium and to many professional users
around the world.


Promoting Python to new audiences

The feedback we received was positive all around.

Conference attendees were really happy to be able to easily show and
prove how Python changes the world, to make the point that learning
and using Python is a good investment.

The brochure helps them in promoting Python in their local and
professional communities, especially to the many non-technical people
we cannot easily reach with our python.org web site.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and contributors for their
hard work to achieve this impressing result.

    Learn more about the project


Please help us kick start the second print run !

In order to continue with the distribution of the remaining 5,000
copies of the Vol. 1 edition, we are now looking for two additional
half page ad sponsors to help finance the print run and distribution

We have reserved the notes area on the inner back cover page of the
brochure for these extra ads.

If you would like to show your support for Python and its community
and reach out to thousands of people interested in Python, now is the
time to sign up as ad sponsor!

    Sign up as ad sponsor


Pre-order the PSF Python Brochure

We provide two options for pre-ordering the brochure from the second
print run which will be available early in April 2015:

 * free Community Orders for conference and user groups

 * paid Company Orders for companies and organizations

The costs for the community orders are sponsored through sponsor ads,
the PSF and the company orders.

    Place your pre-order


More information

More information on the brochure, the idea and people behind it, media
data and ordering links are available on our project page:

    PSF Python Brochure Project Website

Thank you for your help,
Marc-Andre Lemburg
Python Software Foundation

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