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The Asset Dept (Look Development) TD will be responsible for creative problem solving in relation to complex pipelines and assets, user support, environment and character pipeline development, environment shot assembly and technical direction.
The Asset Dept TD will need to be well versed in all issues involved with managing a large scale asset and environment pipeline. Concepts like data flow, data dependencies, Meta data, publishing and retrieval should be clearly understood so as to enable efficient and articulate assistance to all artists - in particular Modelling and Surfacing (LookDev) artists.

In addition to their support role, the Asset Dept TD will also be required to troubleshoot shot based workflows and assets within the environment pipeline, ensuing that highly optimised assets retain intended creative representations.
Asset Dept TDs will also be called upon to interact with R&D and other TDs with clear and concise tool briefs, bug repros, and feature requests; to achieve the creative goals of the Asset Dept.

The following will be highly regarded:

 *   3 years minimum experience in CG production such as feature animation, VFX projects or television commercials.
 *   Experience with a large scale animation pipelines
 *   Experience in at least one high end 3D software package, e.g. Maya
 *   Good generalist skills with a solid understanding of all departments
 *   A focus on quality control
 *   Highly organised
 *   Experience working closely with the art department
 *   Programming experience in Python
 *   Experience working with the R&D department
 *   Experience in training and managing a team
 *   Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Physics or equivalent

The following is required of all candidates:

 *   Excellent attention to detail.
 *   Ability to multi-task, prioritize and problem solve.
 *   Ability to work within a strong team environment
 *   Strong communication and interpersonal skills

If you are interested in applying for this position then please complete our online application form via our website http://www.animallogic.com

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