[Python-au] Kiwi PyCon 2014: Last chance for our accommodation block booking!

Tom Eastman tom at eastman.net.nz
Thu Aug 21 00:17:45 UTC 2014

Move fast! Today and tomorrow might be your last chance to take
advantage of the deals being offered on the Kiwi PyCon 2014 Acommodation
page for both the Brentwood Hotel and for the Angus Inn Hotel.

Kiwi PyCon 2014 is being held in Newtown, Wellington on the weekend of
12-14 September. Accommodation in Wellington is a little tight that
weekend because of the All Blacks vs South Africa game being held on the
Saturday night.

So: if you already have accommodation for Kiwi PyCon sorted out, then no
worries! But if you want to take advantage of the guaranteed
availability of the rooms at the Brentwood or the Angus Inn, you should
book today or tomorrow at the latest to be sure.

After that, the rooms will still be available, but they won't be held in
reserve for Kiwi PyCon anymore and they might start getting snapped up
by non-Pythonistas!


Tom, on behalf of the New Zealand Python User Group and Kiwi PyCon 2014

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