[Python-au] 6-month contract, Melbourne CBD

Nick Farrell nicholas.farrell at gmail.com
Wed May 28 08:27:30 UTC 2014

Hi all, we're after a senior python dev for a 6-month contract.
Melbourne, CBD based. Here is
the gist of it:

*About the role*

   - Roll out health and well-being websites that actually make a
   difference to their users
   - Setup new greenfield django/flask projects in hours
   - Continuously improve and maintain our mezzanine and angular/flask products
   - Enhance/expand our gitlabCI/docker build environments
   - Improve our operations infrastructure
   - Steer the direction of our tech stack
   - Be a key member of a highly collaborative cross functional agile team

We use all the good stuff: fabric, puppet, AngularJS, django, south, flask,
git, postgresql, devpi, ubuntu, AWS, and python of course.

You will also be sent to PyCon AU 2014 as part of your package.


   - At least 5 years development experience with python in Linux
   - In-depth experience in web service development using Django and/or
   - A github (or similar) account and projects
   - Experience developing database schema particularly with PostgreSQL
   - Programming experience with SOA, SaaS & Web Services
   - Understanding of web technologies and protocols


   - Mezzanine
   - An understanding of agile practises
   - Puppet
   - Fabric

Note that all applicants will undergo a 30-minute technical assessment
as part of the interview process.

This position is not yet listed on seek. Please reply to me at
nick.farrell at medibankhealth.com.au. We will be interviewing

See you at PyCon.

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