[Python-au] Plotly Beta: Python Sandbox (NumPy supported) and Plotting Library

Matt Sundquist matt at plot.ly
Fri Nov 8 00:49:12 UTC 2013

Hey Australia Python folks,

Happy Thursday from Montreal! My name is Matt, and I'm part of Plot.ly, a
graphing and analytics startup. We just launched a beta, and wanted to
reach out to this group about our Python and Numpy features.

*Background.* Plotly's graphing libraries let you make interactive,
publication-quality plots in your browser. You can style graphs and analyze
data with Python, a GUI, or our grid. Then, download, export, or share your
work publicly with a url or privately among other Plotly members.

And you can access your graphs from anywhere. You can also plot with our
online Python sandbox (*NumPy supported*), and save and share scripts.

In particular, here are three features we thought would be of interest to
this group:

   - Python graphing library <https://plot.ly/api/python/>. Download
   or fork it here<https://github.com/cparmer/Plotly/tree/master/API/packages>
   - Interactive graphs w/ IPython notebooks
   - Python command line, from which you can run Numpy. Gallery and

We'd love to hear what you think, get your feedback, and try to improve
based on your advice. As we're just launching, it's super helpful to get
feedback and advice, so we really appreciate you checking it out.

Thanks so much,

https://plot.ly/ l Plotly Twitter <https://twitter.com/plotlygraphs> l Plotly
Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/Plotly>

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