[Python-au] Medibank Health Solutions is after a senior python dev

Andrew Jones andy.larrymite at gmail.com
Thu Oct 10 06:26:16 UTC 2013

Hi all, we're after a senios python dev. Melbourne, Richmond based. Here is
the gist of it:

*About the role*

   - Roll out health and well-being websites that actually make a
   difference to their users
   - Maintain and potentially migrate a legacy twisted/nevow/storm product
   - Setup new greenfield django/flask projects in hours
   - Continuously improve and maintain said projects
   - Ace our buildbot CI environment
   - Help us get continuous delivery up and running
   - Improve our operations infrastructure
   - Steer the direction of our tech stack
   - Be a key member of a highly collaborative cross functional agile team

We use all the good stuff: fabric, puppet, AngularJS, django, south, flask,
git, postgresql, ubuntu, AWS and python of course.


   - At least 5 years development experience with python in Linux
   - In-depth experience in web service development using Django and/or
   - A github (or similar) account and projects
   - Experience developing database schema particularly with PostgreSQL
   - Programming experience with SOA, SaaS & Web Services
   - Understanding of web technologies and protocols


   - Twisted
   - Experience of scalability and related design patterns
   - Puppet
   - Fabric

Apply via seek:


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