[Python-au] Kiwi PyCon 2013 Schedule now online!

Danny Adair president at nzpug.org
Mon Jul 22 11:04:11 UTC 2013

Dear fellow Pythonista,

The Kiwi PyCon 2013 schedule is now available! Head on over and check
out Friday's Tutorial Schedule [1] and the weekend's Talk Schedule
[2]. A big thank you to all the speakers for promising such a diverse
and interesting conference. You've made us really happy - there's
something for everyone! And did you see this year's Keynote Speakers

Now that you know what is in store for you, secure your seat and
register now [4]!

Kind regards,

Danny W. Adair
Event Director
Kiwi PyCon 2013

[1] http://nz.pycon.org/schedule/tutorials/
[2] http://nz.pycon.org/schedule/talks/
[3] http://nz.pycon.org/events/keynotes/
[4] http://kiwipycon2013.eventbrite.co.nz/

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