[Python-au] #SyPy: Nov Sydney Python: first-thurs meetup - Descriptors + Flask and AWS

Dylan Jay djay at pretaweb.com
Tue Oct 30 22:31:36 UTC 2012

Sorry, a glitch in eventbrite meant the previous url I sent out didn't have the event in it.

RSVP now at http://sypy2012nov.eventbrite.com

15min talks are:
BEGINNER: "Encapsulation via Descriptors" - Luciano Pacheco
WEB: "15 minutes of Flask" - Rhys Elsmore
GENERAL:  "AWS, EC2, Nginx and Flask" - Michael Tomkins
+ lightning talks inc. "Constants library" - Eugene Van den Bulke

Please sign up for a speaker ticket if you'd also like to speak

*NOTE: Venue address changed*
New Atlassian Offices 
Free Beer & Pizza provided by Atlassian

6:00: Arrive - drink beer* & eat pizza
6:30: 2-3 short talks. (drink beer*)
8:30: Lightning talks (sign up, or just bring a 5min talk along)(drink beer*)
9:00: drink beer*
* Note beer is an optional activity but recommended to ensure the best possible experience :)
Getting There: See the event page for details
If have any problems call Dylan Jay on 0421477460

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