[Python-au] Higher - 1 x Python Architect (Sydney) & 1 x Python Mid/Sen Dev (Melbourne & 1 x Mid/Senior Python Developer (Sydney)

Rob Stevens rob.stevens at higherrecruitment.com.au
Thu Jun 14 02:19:26 UTC 2012

Hi all,


This is my first email to this mailing list where I usually post jobs and
candidates (only new blood to Australian market) on SyPy



I have two Python roles on at the moment, and one solid Python developer who
is looking, unfortunately he would be perfect for the Melbourne role, but
cannot move there.


The first role is for a Python Architect. This role is permanent, based in
the CBD of Sydney. My client is essentially looking for someone who is an
industry leader and knows all there is to know about Python. They will pay
handsomely for such skillset, as it is rare, especially the level that they
are looking for



The 2nd role is for a Mid/Senior Python developer in Melbourne. The right
candidate will have 3-5 years commercial experience developing web based
solutions within Python, with great complimentary skills in Javascript and
JQuery.  Strong experience with webservices security will also be a distinct



The third piece of information in the list is that I am working with a
candidate who has landed in Australia from overseas...he has PR...and is
looking for either contract/permanent work in Sydney. He has at least 5
years commercial Python development experience overseas, great communication
skills, strong exposure to web and is immediately available. I only post
such profiles if they are new to the country and aren't familiar with
various boards etc. As with any mailing list/forum, there are many people
who consider themselves candidates, but there are many who also hire...and I
have had great success in introducing new blood to companies around
Australia using this method (albeit on the SyPy board)


Please feel free to contact me on the contact details below


Kind Regards


Rob Stevens


Ph: 02 9439 4643

Fx: 02 8221 9823

Mb: 0409 226 539

rob.stevens at higherrecruitment.com.au


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