[Python-au] ZEROmail looking for technical co-founders

Bart Jellema b at rtje.net
Tue Mar 8 06:21:06 UTC 2011

Email used to be fun. We'd get emails, respond to them, and all was good.
Now we get heaps of emails every day and spend way too much time dealing
with them. At the same time, email clients have hardly changed in the last
20 years. It's time to reinvent this tool, to bring it into this day and
age. This is the goal of ZEROmail!


We're looking for great hackers <http://www.paulgraham.com/gh.html>  that
can (eventually) work full-time on ZEROmail in Sydney. We're happy to talk
to people from anywhere as long as you're willing to relocate to Sydney. All
founders have the same equity arrangement (in short, equity share is based
on hours worked).


We are currently in closed beta and we're aiming to open up the beta in 6-8
weeks. Code is in python, web framework is Tornado, database is Postgresql.


The current team consists of Katrin Suess <http://desciens.com/>
(http://desciens.com/), designer and front-end coder with 6 years of
experience and Bart Jellema <http://blog.bartjellema.com/>
(http://blog.bartjellema.com/), experienced entrepreneur and great hacker
with 28 years of coding experience.


So if you think you've got what it takes and are excited about joining a
startup that will change the way we deal with email forever, send us an
email (b at rtje.net) now! If not, please pass this on to any great hackers you


Some more info:




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