[Python-au] SyPy THIS THURSDAY: Making R restfully enterprising with Django - Richard Volpato

Dylan Jay djay at pretaweb.com
Tue Jan 4 06:56:54 UTC 2011

SyPy: Sydney Python Users group meetup 6 Jan 2010

6:15: Arrive
6:30: Lightning talks (email me, or just bring a 5min talk along)
6:45: Making R restfully enterprising with Django - Richard Volpato
7:40 Social networking and beers and dinner nearby

*RSVP: Please RSVP so we have an idea of numbers* via http://sypy.eventbrite.com/

Main Talk summary
Using, mostly Python, the challenge of this project was to offer  
within an intranet, a RESTful  'statistical service' powered by R (a  
statistical language).   This ‘service’  (to crunch a lot of usage  
data from across Australia) had to communicate securely and reliably  
with other systems, schedule and prioritize requests of its services,  
and of course, enable users to select and filter the data through  
interactive graphs in the browser.
The components of this system include, beyond a specialised R package  
       • MySql as a data store;
       • Django, as the application server dealing with workflow, page  
delivery and tracking;
       • Django-Piston, making the whole service available as a  
‘RESTful service’ to the business.
       • Connections to R via Pyper (a piping system that maps R  
objects into Python objects and vice versa).  T
       • Load and composition of tasks for CAL-R,  controlled by a  
queuing/scheduling system based on RabbitMQ and Django Celery
       • Formatting and user manipulation of objects on the page (eg  
drag and drop, select etc) is delivered via jQuery (a JavaScript  
framework) and
       • Protovis (a JavaScript implementation of ‘ggplot’ style  
graphics) renders custom interactive graphs in the browser (note: not  
just a pdf!).

Richard Volpato, born in Italy, studied at ANU and Cambridge (UK)  
mostly sociology and social research.  He has also consulted across a  
large number of industries, notably forestry, tourism, superannuation,  
education, health, religion and urban/regional planning, the last of  
which led  (via Zope Corporation) to a successful tender for the  
Victorian Government Planning scheme amendments system (ZAPP: Zope  
Amendment Production Platform).  His current role at the Copyright  
Agency as Manager of Data Quality and Analysis has been to improve  
data quality, its value and the systems used to acquire and process it

Getting There: See the eventbrite page for details - http://sypy.eventbrite.com
Free free to join us at the pub after/instead.
If have any problems call Dylan Jay on 0421477460

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