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Wed Aug 25 22:40:52 UTC 2010

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> Subject: [nzpug] Kiwi PyCon - Earlybird ends in a week!
> Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2010 02:06:26 +1200
> Dear fellow Pythonista,
> September, October, November...weekend of the 20th!
> We're approaching Kiwi PyCon 2010 with big steps now, and I have a
> number of things I would like to bring to your attention:
> * Registration: To attend Kiwi PyCon 2010 you must register -
> http://nz.pycon.org/submit-registration/
> * Please register as soon as you can to assist us in our planning
> efforts. And make sure to sort out travel and accommodation before the
> tourists grab all the cheap spots! See
> http://nz.pycon.org/2010/about/travel/ and
> http://nz.pycon.org/2010/about/accommodation/
> * If you are a speaker, you will still need to pay the registration
> fee. (that's one of the reasons why it is so low)
> * Early bird registration ends on 01 September 2010, that's in a week.
> The reduced Early bird fee is NZD40 instead of NZD60 for
> student/unwaged participants, and NZD80 instead of NZD100 for all
> others. Please note that registrants need to be "paid up" by 01
> September to qualify.
> * If you are a member of the New Zealand Python User Group
> Incorporated, you may get your registration fee fully refunded! Five
> lucky winners will be drawn at the event. If you are not yet a member,
> this is a fantastic opportunity to become one. ;-) For more
> information please see http://nzpug.org/ - Students/Unwaged pay only
> one dollar per month, others two. http://nzpug.org/MemberRegistration
> * Talks! We are still looking for people willing to present something.
> Don't be shy, tell others about your Python adventures! Different
> sized slots from 5 to 60 minutes are available, please see
> http://nz.pycon.org/2010/talks-cfp/call-for-papers/
> * Giveaways and lucky draws galore this year! Books...Gadgets...Amazon
> AWS Credits...Wing IDE licenses...and of course for everyone a Kiwi
> PyCon t-shirt with unique design for 2010.
> For more information and regular updates see http://nz.pycon.org or
> follow http://twitter.com/kiwipycon
> Now is a good time to register, and right after that is a great time
> to contact all your fellow developers and colleagues who could be
> interested.
> See you at New Zealand's Python event of the year!
> --
> Kind regards,
> Danny W. Adair
> President
> New Zealand Python User Group Incorporated

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