[Python-au] non-web2.0 companies and python?

Andi Raicu raicuandi at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 05:49:18 UTC 2009

I will start a company early next year, and an important part of that is
creating a client/server application aimed at "quick and
powerful customization" by us, not the customer, for each customer as their
needs dictate. Its a bit of a cross between consultancy and a software

I wrote a prototype in Python using Postgresql+PyQt+Linux+threads, and
having observed Python's performance and productivity (I'm a C
programmer...), its definitely the way to go for this project. I don't want
to go the Web 2.0 route, there are few practical advantages for the type of
software I'm writing (ie: deployment), but lots of disadvantages.

I have a question to the Australian community (after all, I'll have to hire
some Python programmers): would you work for a startup creating modern
software from scratch that's *not* Web 2.0?

I know its the latest "fad", and the majority of job ads I've seen are Web
2.0-related, the rest are mostly videogames, embedded or defense stuff.

I need to stop beginning each sentence with "I <<something>>" :-)

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