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Andrew Stuart andrew.stuart at flatraterecruitment.com.au
Wed Aug 26 21:38:53 UTC 2009

Surely the Python community should be pleased to hear about sponsors  
interested in supporting them and should want to do the sponsors the  
courtesy of listening attentively to their sponsorship messages.

The whole point of sponsorship is that the sponsors have a message  
they want the community to hear.  If the community is behaving like a  
bunch of anticapitalist schoolchildren then the sponsors won't come  
back.  It would have been nicer to hear messages to the mailing list  
saying "great! thanks to sponsor X! I have visited their website to  
see what they have to offer!"  Instead, dogmatic and difficult to get  
along with propellers heads chase off the sponsors like seagulls,  

Unless you work for a not-for-profit or government - or don't work at  
all such as students, you are working for a company that has to sell  
stuff to pay your salary.  Selling stuff requires advertising,  
promotion, sales and marketing.  If you are totally anti-capitalism  
then you should not be working for any organisation that needs to earn  
its money in the real world to pay your salary.


On 26/08/2009, at 10:10 PM, Mary Gardiner wrote:

Does python-au really need to know about every sponsorship arrangement
Kiwi PyCon arrives at?

> From my point of view, it's unsolicited commercial email. I'm pleased
for Kiwi PyCon but... I'm subscribed to python-au for Australiasian
Python community and technical discussion, not as a captive audience for
sponsorship arrangements.


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