[Python-au] Plone Video Sprint 2009 - Budapest, Hungary

andycat intothemist at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 09:27:34 UTC 2009

EngageMedia is pleased to announce a Plone Video sprint at this years
Plone Conference in Budapest, Hungary. The 4 day sprint will be an
opportunity for developers to collaborate on open video technologies
around the Plone CMS. The sprint will take place from 31st October 2009
to 3rd November 2009, directly after the conference.

Online video has exploded in recent years, being a major source of the
“web 2.0” boom. YouTube, Yahoo Video and other video sharing spaces have
been celebrated for making major advances in facilitating citizen media.
Despite their success however there are many limitations to these
proprietary platforms, such as YouTube's limit on video size, its
frequent censorship, the difficulty in downloading the video, the low
quality of the flash video employed, the terms of use that allows
YouTube to do near anything with your video, etc.

The ability to host and manage your own content using free, libre and
open source (FLOSS) tools is essential for independent media
organisations and non-profits.

Topics and Aims
The aims for the sprint are the following

    * Increased communication and collaboration between Python, Zope and
      Plone developers working in the area of open video technologies.

    * Direct improvement of key video technologies and the video feature
      set available in the Plone CMS so as to increase uptake and
      improve those sites already implementing Plone video technologies.

    * Improved the ease of use, install and set up of Plumi via
      technical and documentation enhancements, opening it up to a
      broader set of users and contributors.

    * Increased skill set among sprint participants regarding how to
      implement and develop with the Plumi CMS and for video
      technologies more generally in the Plone CMS.

    * Increase the community of developers working on Plone and video and
      their effectiveness.

We will be guided by a professional facilitator to help the group focus
on priorities. Broadly we aim to work on the following topic areas:
building a shared roadmap for video on Plone, working on key technical
needs such as large file handling, transcoding and bittorrent support,
improving support for FOSS video codecs, publishing and viewing content
with mobile devices, bug fixing existing video related Plone collective
products and improving documentation.

We hope to follow up related work from around the FLOSS video scene -
such as Transmission.cc network, Plone4Artists, the recent Open Video
Conference in NYC, the annual set of FOMS conferences, and the free
documentation work of FLOSSManuals.

We aim to contribute to constructing online spaces where independent
media networks can flourish in an open, accessible and transparent way.
For our part, EngageMedia will continue work on Plumi - the Plone based
video CMS sponsored by us as a FLOSS tool for local communities and
activists to use as a democratic online video sharing space. Please see
http://plumi.org, and http://blog.plumi.org/features/


The Plone Conference has subsidies for people wanting to come to the

EngageMedia also has a very limited number of travel subsidies to offer
to activists and NGO developers based on need. When you contact us,
please also let us know by September 6th if you want to be considered
for a travel subsidy.

The Plone Video sprint has limited number of places, and you will need
to register, and please indicate how long for the 4 days you can stay.
We have a preference for people to stay for the entire 4 days. Please
add yourself to the team at
and also drop andycat at engagemedia.org an email.
We will close the list of sprint participants on the end of September 30th.

The EngageMedia Collective.

About EngageMedia
EngageMedia is a video sharing, free software and skills building
initiative focused on social justice and environmental issues in
the Asia-Pacific region. We produce Plumi, a Plone based video sharing
platform <http://plumi.org>, run the video site http://engagemedia.org,
collaborate extensively with the Transmission network
<http://transmission.cc> and conduct a range of skills building and
training events.

For more about our work please see http://engagemedia.org/about-us

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