[Python-au] portable python for linux

Adam Kerz adamkerz at adamkerz.com
Tue May 5 12:46:23 UTC 2009

Tom Sparks wrote:
> I know python preinstalled in linux
> but I want to run self-contained version on a usb hard drive
> like XAMPP/LAMPP is for Apache/PHP/MySQL/Perl

I do this on Windows (for work) with Python and all I initially did was 
install it once, copy the dir to the usb hard drive and then uninstall 
it. I've never installed python on any other computer I use it on - all 
I ever do is put the python dir in the path. It works perfectly like 
this, and I even (manually) install modules and packages into 
site-packages - even things like wx and gammu with dlls.

In fact, I'm pretty sure I used to use it without the python dir being 
on the path and it still worked fine.

I would be really surprised if you were unable to do this on linux as 
well, although building and/or installing might need to be customised 
(to put everything into a base python directory), and you might have to 
setup a few environment variables to specify things like pythonpath, 


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