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Andi Raicu raicuandi at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 04:54:43 UTC 2009

Uhm, I think he said he's new to programming. I don't know how they think
they should teach programming today, but a couple of years back when I
started, all I did was algorithms and problem-solving (think: read data from
text file, do something with it, output). Only after quite a while I moved
to software design, C and C++, and building actual complete software and the
likes. In fact I accidently followed the (sort-of) evolution of software as
I learned: for many months I didn't knew functions existed. Then the
revelation of structures and pointers came along, oh the joy! :)

Same here, "learned" Python in one day.

I'm writing a server-client program using PyQt now, and I think if I'd have
started learning programming with something like that, I would have ended up
being some kind of Java-lost-cause-kid or something.

I don't think he gets what programming is all about... maybe he should start
perhaps similar to how I did, but at a faster pace.


On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 1:23 PM, Tim Stebbing <tjstebbing at gmail.com> wrote:

> Consider a combination of multi-user screen and a voice chat protocol like
> teamspeak, this would allow you to be 'tutored' remotel, If you're
> interested in this sort of thing what are you offering? what areas of
> programming are you most interested in? web dev? scripting system tasks?
> desktop GUIs? Do you have a personal project you'd like to work on? (having
> a concrete task is always a great idea)
> -tjs
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