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Andrew Stuart andrew.stuart at flatraterecruitment.com.au
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It sounds like you're on the right track Daniel.

Keep googling and keep practicing.

Make sure you are working on a real project with a major goal.

With enough practice and enough reading and research it will click.

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  Hi All,


  I'm currently studying python through TAFE (OTEN - home study) and wanted to discuss private tutoring.


  I am very new to the language as well as programming in general.  I have been having difficulties getting a good grip on the python (and programming) concepts because every time I present myself with a question, I spend the rest of the night googling trying to find the answer.


  This is a very slow and frustrating process and consequently I am looking for anyone who might offer private tutoring in python.  I'm after enough lessons to get me through Tafe as well as a bit beyond as programming is related to my job.


  I would appreciate if you could let me know of anyone who might be interested in earning some extra cash.  I can travel to the lesson (depending on the distance) or they can come to my place at West Ryde (Sydney).


  Thanks for your help.





  dannyj at iinet.net.au

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