[Python-au] Learn about Python 3K @ SyPy Meetup Thursday 4 September 2008

Mark Rees mark.john.rees at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 03:19:27 UTC 2008

Hi everyone,

This month we have a talk by Anthony Baxter on Python 3000.

Date & Time: 6:30PM (for a 7pm start) - 8:30PM Thursday, 4th Sep 2008
Meeting Type: Presentation
Venue: Google Australia, Level 18, Tower 1 Darling Park, 201 Sussex
St, Sydney

This month we have a talk by Anthony Baxter on Python 3000.

Anthony Baxter
Google/Python Software Foundation

Anthony has been involved in the open-source community for more than a
decade, largely working in Python and, in the last few years, on
Python. He's worked in the Internet area and in the telco space, where
he gets to exercise his incredibly short attention span by working on
far far too many things at once. He's written or contributed to more
open source projects than he can remember – mostly related to
networking and protocol implementations.

He's currently the release manager for Python. This is much less
glamorous than you might think. After a number of years working for a
travel-based telephone company, he's recently started working for
Google Australia.

Anthony's spoken at a number of conferences, including a keynote at
linux.conf.au 2008, at each of the 4 OSDC conferences held so far, and
presented Effective Python Programming at OSCON 2005.


Please RSVP here:


and turn up on or before 6:30 to ensure you get a in.

Notes: Congregate in the foyer downstairs near the security desk at or
before 6:30 and the Google people will start taking people up in the

After the meeting we will go to Hotel Sweeney, 236 Clarence Street,
Sydney, for some beer and thai food (if you are hungry).

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