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Fri Jul 4 03:14:10 UTC 2008

Hello all,

I mentioned at the SyPy/Beer 2.0 meetup last night that LCA09 is
happening in Hobart in January.  Well, the CFP opened today, and you
can read the announcement at the conclusion of this post.  I encourage
everyone who has a relevant topic to discuss to submit a proposal for
a discussion, and if not, to at least pop down to Hobart to visit the

In related news, I am going to submit a proposal for a Python
miniconf, so anyone who is at all interested in being involved should
get in contact with me.

--Chris Neugebauer.


Linux.conf.au - Hobart Conference 2009 Opens Call for Papers

Linux.conf.au has announced the opening of the call for papers on
Friday 4th July 2008, giving the open source software community the
chance to present at one of the world's premier technical conferences.

Hobart TAS, Australia-- (4th July 2008) ---- The call for papers will
remain open for a month, after which the best papers will be selected
by an expert panel.

Ben Powell, President of the Tasmanian Linux Users Group, says the
10th annual Linux.conf.au is expected to attract influential speakers
from the international and local technical Linux and Open Source

"This is the first time that the conference has been held in Hobart
and given the unique location, and that it is celebrating its 10th
anniversary this year, we expect to see significant interest from
local and international speakers and delegates," said Mr Powell.

It is expected that over 100 speakers will be chosen to present at the
Hobart conference from a large pool of international and local

"The conference provides a unique opportunity for Tasmanians to
discuss their ideas on an international stage, and for business to
support IT innovation," said Mr Powell.

"This year's Linux conference is expected to bring 700 delegates to
the Tasmania to enjoy one of Australia's premiere technical
conferences, with presentations by many of the leading experts in free
and open source software.

"The conference also provides an opportunity to showcase Tasmania to
the world's technical community, with many delegates keen to take in
Tasmania's famous food, wine and beautiful scenery during their stay.

"Previous years' conferences have seen up to 100 influential
international and national speakers from major IT companies and
projects, with submissions for the opportunity to speak at Australia's
internationally renowned event growing every year," said Mr Powell.

The conference will also present the best of open source software with
presentations, displays and hands-on demonstrations at the conference
free public Open Day for the Tasmanian technical industry and general

"We expect to see a number of our own local speakers feature in the
lineup, so this will be a great opportunity for our own IT community
to really shine on the international stage," said Mr Powell.

Linux.conf.au, the National Linux Conference, will be held January
19-24 in Hobart at the University of Tasmania. More information about
the paper submission process can be found at http://www.linux.conf.au.

Businesses can support Linux.conf.au by visiting the website

Media enquiries: Linux.conf.au on +61 432 996 932 or media at marchsouth.org

--Christopher Neugebauer

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