[Python-au] Recommendations for a web app framework?

Tim Stebbing tjstebbing at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 21:11:50 UTC 2008

> If you are after a CMS, then i would look into Plone (haven't used it)

at the risk of starting a flame war.. I'd avoid plone tbh unless it's
an environment you have some particular reason to be involved in
already, I developed fairly heavy customisations of plone for several
years and found it to be a massively over engineered headache.

While we're iterating our preferred web tks, I love twisted.web (but
wouldn't recommend it to someone starting out) and at the moment we're
using whats left of zope3 with canonical's storm ORM and finding it
quite good, (but probably overkill for your project).

As stated by others, if you want to start from scratch in a framework
with plenty of examples/support and doco, Django would be the way to
go, I'd also be tempted to poke around in pyBlosxom first however,
which already does about 80% of what your trying to do.


Timothy J Stebbing

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