[Python-au] Recommendations for a web app framework?

Garth Roxburgh-Kidd garth at deadlybloodyserious.com
Thu Jan 3 01:12:36 UTC 2008


I recommend you try Django. I'm using it for a few internal work
applications. I'm being productive and having a lot of fun at the same time.

If you were prioritizing time-to-ship and didn't want an excuse to learn
something, I'd [heretically] suggest sticking with WordPress.


On 02/01/2008, Brianna Laugher <brianna.laugher at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello pythonistas,
> I am planning to build a website and I want to use the opportunity to
> learn some new Python. I am pretty sure a web app framework is what
> I'm after, although a CMS may also do the job.
> The website will basically be a glorified podcast (==feeds) with
> tagging, ratings (maybe comments too?) and some static pages. It will
> also be available in up to a dozen languages (different content in
> each, not translated content, although structurally the same).
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