[Python-au] Recommendations for a web app framework?

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Wed Jan 2 12:08:19 UTC 2008

On Jan 2, 2008 9:57 PM, Brianna Laugher <brianna.laugher at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello pythonistas,


> I am planning to build a website and I want to use the opportunity to
> learn some new Python. I am pretty sure a web app framework is what
> I'm after, although a CMS may also do the job.

If you are after a CMS, then i would look into Plone (haven't used it)

> The website will basically be a glorified podcast (==feeds) with
> tagging, ratings (maybe comments too?) and some static pages. It will
> also be available in up to a dozen languages (different content in
> each, not translated content, although structurally the same).
> The content already exists, so instead of me converting the text and
> audio files manually I want to be able to drop in some URLs and have
> some behind-the-scenes thing do all the converting for me. For example
> the audio files are currently in OGG, and I want to offer both OGG and
> MP3 downloads.

> For me, decent documentation and good community support are important.
> Killer website performance, not so much.
> I have been using the Textpattern CMS (PHP) which has pretty awesome
> templating type stuff. (It also uses Textile markup which I note
> Django has support for...)
> I am tempted to try out Django because I noticed they just released a
> free Django book, but I would be grateful to hear anyone's experiences
> or recommendations

If you want a framework with very minimalistic approach i would suggest
were you have to choose your own Templating engine, Object Relational Mapper
it has IMHO very minimal documentation.

If you are going to work with web page designers (that use a Dreamweaver
like application)
then i would recommend Turbogears (which also has a book) because the
templating language it
uses - Kid - is XML based which plays nice with WYSIWYG editors.  But
Turbogears is dependent
on the other open source projects that are its components (CherryPy,
SQLObject , Kid, MochiKit)
whereas Django isn't (but Django doesn't use an XML based templating


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