[Python-au] SysAdmin / Programmer - Launch your career in security with Nullcube

Dave Harrison dave at nullcube.com
Sun Oct 21 10:19:08 UTC 2007

Linux / BSD Systems Administrator

Do you love working with Linux and BSDs ? Would you rather read
firewall logs than a good book ? Interested in working in the security
space ? We have a position available that will help you take the next
step !

Nullcube is an small, focused team specialising in network security
and secure application development. We are looking for an enthusiastic
and talented all-rounder to join us.

We are a dynamic and rapidly-growing company, with clients in a
diverse range of industries. Placing a strong emphasis on quality and
security, our work will offer interesting challenges, and the
potential for great growth to the right applicant.

The work will involve a mix of skills including,

 * Systems administration
 * Software development
 * Security oriented exploration

Selection criteria:

 * Excellent written & verbal skills
 * Administration skills in either BSD or Linux
 * Proficiency in a high-level language
 [ Favourites would be Python, Ruby, or Haskell ]
 * An interest in network security and designing secure
 * Enthusiasm for exploratory work and an inquiring mind

Favoured criteria:

 * Knowledge of Python
 * Proficiency in C or C++
 * Familiarity with OpenBSD
 * Participation in open source projects
 * Familiarity with agile / extreme programming methodologies

Located in the heart of Newtown, Nullcube offers a relaxed work
environment and a competitive salary, with remuneration based on
experience and ability.

Applications to: jobs at nullcube.com

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