[Python-au] Melbourne job: Java and Python developer

Andrew Stuart andrew.stuart at flatraterecruitment.com.au
Tue Oct 9 03:59:11 UTC 2007

Java and Python developer

     * South Melbourne location
     * Small, innovative team
     * Product development

     Do you love working in a startup environment? In a small team,  
no politics, and with the ability to rapidly make (good) decisions  
about how the software should be built?

     It's the small, innovative, entrepreneurial teams that get the  
most exciting stuff done. This is your chance to join this company of  
30 people that has a three-person software development team putting  
together a sophisticated Internet application.

     This Java application has been designed to be easily configured  
using Python (well, using Jython actually - you *do* know the  
difference don't you?). Jython is used to implement business logic,  
reports and charts. So your role will be 50% Java coding and 50%  
Python/Jython coding.

     As this is an Internet application, knowledge of Hibernate,  
Struts and the general concepts of web development will be highly  
valued. You will be highly regarded if you take a strong interest in  
general computing topics and software development.

     We're looking for someone who is able to easily understand and  
comprehend complex topics and who is able to easily engage in complex  
technical back and forth discussions. Amazingly only 1 in 100  
software developers seem to have the ability to hold a complex  
technology discussion! So if you are the exception to this rule then  
we invite you to apply.

     We're open to any experience level - as long as you meet the  
requirements then we're happy to consider people at the senior level,  
mid level or junior level.

     Apply now!
     If this ad describes you, please send your resume.

     This is a permanent, salaried role.

     To apply send your resume to info at flatraterecruitment.com.au

     Telephone enquiries are welcome to Flat Rate Recruitment (03)  
9696 1616

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