[Python-au] Obsidian hiring

Kevin Littlejohn darius at obsidian.com.au
Fri Jun 29 02:03:29 UTC 2007

Obsidian Consulting Group, based in Coburg, Melbourne, will shortly  
be hiring two more developers.  We're looking for a range of skills  
from application development/coding through to html/css skills, or  
any subset thereof.  We work pretty much completely in Python, so  
python knowledge is preferred, but we're also willing to take Java or  
C++ people and train them up.  At the web end of things, we use Zope  
and Plone for a lot of our web development work, but are also  
currently investigating other framework techs such as pylons.

We have a variety of projects underway, from our "Jet" billing system  
product through to web-based application development.  We're a fairly  
relaxed office environment of about 10 people in Coburg (right next  
to train/tram lines).  These positions offer a good opportunity to  
extend your skills by working alongside some great techies in an  
environment that allows for involvement in all aspects of product and  
project development, depending on your interests.

Wages will be commensurate with experience and skills.  The right  
applicants for these jobs will be above all quick learners and keen  
to work in a team environment.  Experience with Python, Java, MySQL,  
XHTML/CSS (accessibility or other standards awareness) all looked on  
favourably, as is any previous experience or understanding of  
customer contact, project management and similar (these are not  
necessary for the position, in case customer contact might scare  
people off, but are useful traits to have ;)

If you're interested in working with a top-notch group of developers  
on a range of projects here in Melbourne, please send references to  
"jobs at obsidian.com.au" in OpenDocument, PDF, or text format.  We may  
consider teleworkers depending on responses, so if you're interested  
in working this remotely, please let us know also.

Feel free to redistribute this email to other lists/people that might  
be interested, also.

Obsidian Consulting Group
web: http://www.obsidian.com.au/
phone: +613 9355 7844 (ext 2001)
fax: +613 9350 4097

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